pre-university program

  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD)
  • Customized course planning
  • Improve the learning ability in a short time
  • Receive positive psychological advice in time
  • Communicate with professional instructors and bilingual teaching assistants

advanced program

  • Pathway to Top 100 universities worldwide
  • Small-class teaching, individualized learning plans
  • Intensive IELTS language training
  • After School Elite Training: Teacher Advanced Program
  • University Application 1:1 Care
  • English Program
  • EQ Program

ART Program

  • Develop special art abilities
  • Art Talent Training
  • Portfolio Training
  • Bridge to University: Interaction with university ambassadors worldwide
  • Assist student’s admission to their desired art university

Post-Education Pathway

  • Meet requirements to enter Canadian colleges and universities
  • OSSD/Credit Program
  • Intensive Language Training
  • Pass UCTP language course = No IELTS
  • Partnerships with 55+ universities/colleges