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Our Residence

Newton International College is committed to providing a quality homestay experience for all international students. We are proud of our top-notch education, beautiful natural environment, and respectful communities.

All homestays are exclusively provided for NIC students.

The homestay residences are directly managed by NIC staff to ensure the best living experience for students.

NIC staff serves as the communication bridge between the parents and homestay hosts.
A wide variety of host families are registered in the program who love meeting students from around the world and sharing love with them.
For a young person away from home, living in a homestay is an opportunity to become more self-reliant and self-aware. It’s a chance for students to develop confidence and learn to lead. It will also support academic success while helping them grow as a person.
The homestay is usually a 10-15 transportation time from school, and it is located in a safe and quiet local community.
All host families commit to providing nutritious meals, a nice living environment, and creating a safe, caring, and respectful experience. We establish close connections with each host family and communicate regularly to ensure the best living experience for every individual.
We take the full responsibility for each student seriously. All host families are screened and identified with a strict background check. We know it can be a big step to leave home and live in a new city (and in many cases, country.) That’s why we do everything we can to support the transition and create a warm, encouraging atmosphere.
A fantastic backyard is established for students to sit outside, enjoy the beautiful weather, and socialize with each other.
Students will have an en suite, modern, and clean bathroom, or share a well-equipped one with others.

Student feedback

The atmosphere of the homestay was very good, I really enjoyed the time staying there. We were all Newton’s classmates and got the opportunity to know more familiar with each other. We often went to school together, not alone anymore. The auntie in the homestay was very responsible and the cooking was also very delicious!

Esther Gao | Alumni

Student feedback

I love this homestay so much! I can feel the warmth and high-level treatment of the host family, taking care of me as their family, which is something other homestays cannot give – a sense of friendliness. No matter where you are from in China, they would cook a few dishes specifically to match my taste, and they are happy to accept any suggestions. Also, when we have dinner together, they always share some interesting stories with me. This homestay makes me feel like I am back in China, back at home.

Staying away from families and home is a bit lonely, but during the time when I live in this homestay, I’ve received so much kindness and love. Life here makes my life in Canada much better.

Jess Zou | 2021 Graduate

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