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Wall of Fame

December 10, 2021

Our Newton Wall of Fame where all outstanding students’ photos and recognition are displayed became a reality. NIC’s mission supports students’ success and acknowledges the achievements and accomplishments of those who have excelled in their respective fields.

“As a student at Newton, I am able to develop the habit of studying, which will enable me to adjust easily to the pace of the University” – Shirley Yan, President of 2018-2019 Newton Student Council.

“The teachers at Newton had a great deal of influence over how I felt in Canada and made my life there particularly pleasant” – Oliver Jiang, President of 2019-2020 Newton Student Council.

“Participating in the competitions on behalf of Newton was definitely a good learning experience since it built up the foundation for my ongoing university major” – Nina Li, President of 2020-2021 Newton Student Council.

We hope that the Wall of Fame is a motivation for students to strive and reach for success and high achievement. All the best Students!