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Today @ NIC


April 10, 2022

Newton Experiential Education Program was a huge success. Our students provided reflections on their learning paths and accomplishments of the program.


“I have learned a lot about business, which will be very helpful for my future university. Teachers are very enthusiastic and kind to teach us and support us. This class enables me to see the problems more thoroughly, conduct my own analysis, and form my own judgment.” – Leah


“Throughout the course, the teachers taught us about topics we were interested in and eventually taught us to build a start-up company, which was very rewarding. Apart from the business studies, it was my first time completing a project with several people in a group. I also learned how to assign tasks and work better as a team. Overall, I feel very rewarding and fruitful.” – Maggie


“Through this class, I can feel the nice experience of travelling in the sea of knowledge. I learned a lot of knowledge and got used to business thinking. After the program, I am deeply attracted to the world of business. Thank you, teachers!” – Sunny


“This was an exciting and worthwhile program because the class content was interesting and practical. The teacher also lectured carefully and humorously. This class has helped me greatly improve my abilities and increase my knowledge.” – Jerry