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July 7, 2021

In the consideration of all students’ health and safety, the 2020-2021 graduation ceremony was held online on July 7, 2021, and it was an amazing success. Although the ceremony was held virtually, the principal and teachers’ speeches were deeply rooted and made great influence on all graduates. Our Principal Rudy proposed seven suggestions for the graduates, each suggestion was practical and meaningful. Teacher Matthew said that even though the students had graduated, he still welcomed everyone to communicate and share opinions with him any time. A parent, Ray’s father also sent his sincere appreciation to the school. He not only thanked all the teachers for their hard work, but he also wished Newton great success. Our president of the Newton Student Council, Nina shared: “It’s beautiful to watch each student excelling in their passions. We will use our talents and skills to make a difference in the world. Wish all graduates an excellent future.”

Newton is a family of teachers, students, parents, and staff. We are committing to helping all students with their study and life, as well as providing warmth like a home. We are the Newton Family!