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June 25, 2021

0Time flies, the second semester of the LCS course developed by Newton International College has come to a successful conclusion! This course was taught in 15 schools in Changzhou, China last school year.

This semester’s course focuses on students’ growth and development in all aspects. Drama is the main form of this term, and it is not only for students to learn acting, but it also helps express themselves through their own body language, perception, understanding and imagination. Under the teachers’ guidance, students have imitated, learned, communicated, and cooperated with each other, so their speaking abilities has been leveraged in the learning and demonstrated in the drama performances. The LCS course focuses on improving students’ oral expression, vocabulary, knowledge, body language, and self-esteem. They can enjoy the interesting learning process in a relaxed atmosphere and feel the North American teaching style. The students also gain a lot through the course by building friendship and trust, understanding the spirit of teamwork, and exercising their English oral skills.