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March 25, 2022

On March 25th,2022, our students from Newton Experiential Education Program (NEEP) successfully delivered the final presentation to all MBA Schulich’s instructors, our principal, and all staff. Throughout the entire presentation, students demonstrated their knowledge of business foundations and elaborated on their excellent startup ideas.


“What we want you to take out of this program is the entrepreneur mindset. It means having that spirit to actively seek changes, rather than waiting to adapt to changes. It also means a way of approaching situations where you feel empowered, motivated and capable of taking things into your own hand.” – Migui, MBA candidate at Schulich, School of Business.


“Thank you instructors Migui, Tabosh, Amar, Auntica, Abhinav, and Isabela for your dedication, for having the courage to become instructors, for sharing knowledge, and for guiding Newton International College students through their entrepreneurial journey.” – Dr. Minerva, Associate Director, Head of the Professional Development & Experiential Education Office at Schulich School of Business.


Newton is committed to bringing exceptionally high-quality education to students.

Never stop learning. Never stop growing. That’s the true spirit!


Congratulations on your achievements! We are proud of you!


Background: The Newton Experiential Education Program (NEEP) was created by Newton International College and Schulich School of Business. Instructors from Schulich MBA mentor our students as they conduct research in various fields and culminate in developing their own companies.