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June 18, 2021

Newton’s administrative teacher and guardian took our Vietnam student to get vaccinated.

To be vaccinated, you first need to determine the time and place. The appointment can be made online, and walk-in is also available but requires a longer waiting time. When you’re in line, you’ll be asked if you are currently living or working in a hot area and given a number. When queuing, it is recommended to bring a sun umbrella, sunscreen, battery charger, and water to replenish energy. After entering the room, if you take a Pfizer vaccine, you will have to wait in line for an hour. Your personal information will be confirmed during the vaccination. Once vaccinated, you will have to wait 15 minutes and the time of the second dose will be confirmed.

The vaccination coverage has now exceeded 70% in Toronto now, and Newton’s staff have all been successfully vaccinated. Newton’s total care services are intended to take care of every student, providing convenience as well as being responsible for health!