Integrating the essence of Western and Eastern education,
we provide each student with customized guidance, quality teaching, and total care.


To prepare students for post-secondary education through courses and programs that:

  • Instill a passion for learning;
  • Create a sense of responsibility and make a positive impact on the global community;
  • Develop creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving skills;
  • Accept new challenges with optimism;
  • Promote a growth mindset and ability to persevere.


NIC’s vision is to be a premier secondary school to students seeking international post-secondary studies.

We recognize the unique needs of our student body and attach significant importance to developing each student’s English language proficiency and self-development. NIC’s strong academic rigour, variety of academic options and student support enable each student to achieve great success. NIC graduates demonstrate maturity due to the additional effort and focus on heightening young people’s emotional intelligence, sense of self-awareness, confidence and leadership. NIC alumni have empowered themselves to become effective leaders and contributors around the world.

The quality of teaching is the hallmark of any educational institution. NIC is blessed with a cadre of experienced, dedicated and highly energized teachers and staff who not only deliver a challenging study program but actively develop extra-curricular activities designed to provide real-life exposure to different cultures and environments.