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Identity and Values


NIC’s core values shape who we are and influence all aspects of our daily activities. We value integrity, perseverance, respect, creativity, and the joy of learning. We strive for continuous improvement and promote ideals that produce exceptional achievements to meet the challenges of the future and help make the world a better place.


Academic integrity is a core value instilled in every lesson. Students are taught to appreciate, recognize, and respect the work of others. They learn to be responsible and accountable for their deeds, actions and words.


We recognize that our students have made many sacrifices and overcome difficult obstacles to be in our school. We build their strength and determination by providing a safe, happy environment with achievable success. Our support, care and commitment to their needs ensure hope and a brighter tomorrow.


Respect for oneself, for others and for the environment are demonstrated in our regular assemblies, Awards Recognition assemblies, Orientation Days, Cultural and Birthday celebrations, attention to safety and health in our facilities, and the general decorum of staff.


A variety of appropriate courses and programs provide our students with a rich, vigorous approach to learning and developing their full potential. Teachers promote and enhance creativity through multiple assessment strategies, experiential learning, entrepreneurial projects, field trips and encouraging independent thinking.

Joy of learning

NIC recognizes that lifelong learning is the key to success and happiness. A variety of courses and programs delivered by caring, qualified teachers enable each student to achieve success, build their self -confidence and enjoy their learning. We ensure that our students receive a well-rounded education and are fully prepared for post-secondary learning.