EQ program

Newton students demonstrate maturity beyond their years, due to the additional effort and focus on heightening young people’s sense of self awareness, confidence, and leadership.


Newton Experiential Education Program (NEEP) with Schulich

Newton International College’s Future Talent Programme partners with Schulich Business School, York University. As the one and only high school Schulich Business School work with, we are committed to helping students step into the business world in advance and meet with professionals in different industries. Students will also have the opportunity to participate in the specialized business competition as well as experience job shadowing. A recommendation letter from Schulich Business School will be offered by the completion of the program.

Math Competition

The CEMC contests held by the University of Waterloo inspire students to get excited about math and computer science and stretch their limits. The contests challenge students from around the world with a range of abilities to grow valuable problem-solving skills.

Global University Fair

Since September, the ambassadors from well-known universities worldwide are giving info sessions to our students. They will directly connect with our students, bringing the latest admission requirements and answering a series of questions about the university, location, program, scholarship, employment opportunities, etc.


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Museum Visiting

Newton International College aims to create a healthy, social, and interactive environment for all students to share their love. Students are not only able to learn in class, but they will also visit museums to enrich their learning in various fields, gain experiences in a new environment, expand the general world knowledge, and increase their cultural capital.